Employment Rises For London Business School Mim Graduates

A London Business School degree will give you the edge in today’s competitive world. Located in the heart of London, London Business School offers access to the world’s top recruiters and provides a head-start in forging a successful career in business. Strong relationships have been developed with major recruiters. London Business School’s Career Services team works in partnership with potential employers to identify candidates who are the best match for their job opportunities.

A dedicated team is on hand to support all Masters in Management students to enhance career prospects. The Masters in Management programme is taught by a range of the London Business School faculty, all of whom work at the forefront of global business and produce high-quality research that impacts positively on business all over the world. While a rate of 95% was recorded among last year’s class of 100, the 2011 class of 140 has achieved a rate of 96% – these figures are based on the full-time employment status of students three months after they originally graduate from the course.

Compared to the median salary among graduates in the UK as a whole, the wages of London Business School graduates of this year’s MiM course are around 9,500 higher at 35,000. Breaking down the statistics further, there was a total of 36 corporate sector recruiters, perhaps giving the strongest indication yet of the value of the MiM course across sectors outside of the normal consulting and finance fields. In addition, a grand sum of 22 different recruiters have hired from the programme consistently (i.e. at least one student from each of the last two years).

The release of the 2011 MiM job statistics follows the publication of the School’s MBA employment report last week. It found that within three months of leaving this course, 93% of MBA graduates had found a job. London Business School is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top business schools, and is currently ranked as number one in the world in the Financial Times (Global MBA rankings, 2011). Over 34,000 alumni lead big organisations, run governments, transform communities and start new businesses in over 120 countries. The Masters in Management is a one year programme for recent graduates who are looking to embark on a management-oriented career, but who have limited business knowledge and less than one year of full time, relevant work experience. This programme has been designed following extensive consultation with top graduate recruiters, and provides students with the skills and knowledge to perform in all areas of management across a number of core courses in both academic study and professional development.

The Workshops will Strengthen Employment and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Students

Cospedal The Government has invested 207,000 euros in the two workshops Cabanillas, for 20 students with six months of training

Spain, May 14, 2013 – The Minister of Employment and the Economy of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Carmen Home, said that employment workshops and entrepreneurship that has launched the Government chaired by Mara Dolores Cospedal “are a gateway to the labor market from the point of view serve to self-employment and entrepreneurship consolidate all students. ”

This was said by the Minister during a visit to the town guadalajarea Cabanillas del Campo, where he met workshops Sustainable Rural Development Promotion developed there: Farming and Community Services in Cabanillas.

The workshops have a regional government financial aid of 207,000 euros, are targeted at 20 students and made part of a project manager and a teacher, to “get all the knowledge they are acquiring during collective training can materialize in the implementation of profitable business, with which contribute to the development of Castilla-La Mancha in general and Cabanillas del Campo and the region in particular. ”

Home stated that “after the six month duration of the courses, students will receive a professional certificate, with which they can ensure they are fully qualified to carry out their activities, or to start directly into employment as self-employed.”

Casero, accompanied by the Mayor of Cabanillas del Campo, Jaime Celada, the president of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara, Ana Guarino, and the regional government delegate in Guadalajara, Jos Luis County, has predicted that “the works of Inditex’s logistics center will his lungs. We hope that will be completed in early 2014 and, surely, help to generate around 500 jobs, thanks to the investment of 150 million euros that the multinational will take place in this county, “said.

In this regard, the Minister of Employment and the Economy has stated that “the hub of top international help has also many other companies that decide to settle around the multinational to boost the industrial sector across the province”

Finally, Home has reiterated that “to-day work as firmly the first time to ensure that each day there are more entrepreneurs that are committed to Castilla-La Mancha and, certainly, in that way will the Government as an ally Cospedal “.

Press Contact: Consejeria de Empleo y Economia Media Relations Consejeria de Empleo y Economia Address: Avda Ireland No 14 512-212-1139  http://www.castillalamancha.es/gobierno/empleoyeconomia

The First 30 Seconds Count The Most On Your Job Employment Interview

The first thirty seconds of the interview will ultimately determine if you get the job or not. Not only are first impressions crucial they are everything. If you have created a bad first impression you are sunk dead in the water. It would have been much better for your career and employment prospects if you had never shown up for the interview, called in sick so to say and stayed in bed at home for the day.

You have been screened into an interview because you have appeared qualified on paper. The employer uses the interview to learn whether or not you have the personal qualifications needed to fit into the organization. As well the interview process is used to confirm and further conform you work habits and work performance skills in action.

The first thirty seconds count most. People form basic opinions as well as basic assumptions about you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you. These opinions and assumptions may be conscious choices by the interviewer. In many cases this process in an unconscious one. The interviewer may never realize that they have determined basis assumptions of you – that determine you career path. It may never be acknowledged that these prejudices so to speak are even recognized as being held never mind acknowledged in conversation. The role of assumptions in our daily lives is integral.

If we did not make assumptions about people and places we encounter we would be spending most of our daily lives starting from scratch on everything in order to determine information, tactics and strategies.

The first thirty seconds do count. Interviewers will often say that they usually form strong opinions about applicant in the time it takes for the job seeker to walk across the room and say Hello.

How can you make those first impressions and those vital 30 seconds work for you as opposed for against you in your quest for that job or gainful employment or gainful advancement.

It comes down to 2 concepts. Preparation, presentation and attitude.

Prepare to be be prepared. Arrive on time with the essentials. Never arrive late or if an emergency arises phone ahead. Show that you are a person of honor, integrity and respectful toward others.

If the interview requires some preparation or tools plan ahead to either do the task or bring the equipment. Many a job interview is sunk even before the event when a potential job seeker does not bring a pen to fill out an application. Strike one. It is reasoned by many gatekeepers of the first step in the organizational hiring process that if a person cannot even prepare to bring a pen to fill out the application form then they are a person who cannot plan ahead for tasks and are a poor choice for employment at that place of work.

Second in the list of concepts is presentation. Dress well and appropriately. Be neat. Details count down to clean fingernails and clean and polished shoes. How to dress? Generally look at the industry and its employees. Do not overdress to impress the interviewer. If you are applying at an organization where people dress in a jacket and tie it is wise to dress as such or one step up. To come in an expensive tailored Armani suit may not be a wise idea.

Attitude after the previous two concepts are attended to can be the number one factor. Attitude is said to be the primary factor that influences an employer to hire. First of all concentrate on being likeable. Interviewers want to hire pleasant people whom others will enjoy working with on a daily basis.

To project that you are highly likeable it is best to be friendly, courteous and enthusiastic. Speak positively. Use positive body language. Smile.

It is best to project and air of pride and confidence. Act as though you thoroughly want and deserve the job not as though you are desperate for the job.

Demonstrate enthusiasm. An applicant’s level of enthusiasm often influences the employer as much as any other interviewing. The applicant who demonstrates little enthusiasm for a job or even life will never be selected for employment positions.

It is best to demonstrate knowledge of and interest in the employer. Saying that I really want this job is not convincing and mature enough. Explain in the interview why you want the position and how that position fits into your career plans and ultimately benefits the employment organization. It may even be that the employer’s position or firm offer unique opportunities or training that are highly relevant to your career and personal growth.

Perform your best at every moment. It is not as if you are on parade or presenting a false show. Be sincere but remember that there is no such thing as time out during an interview. Even from the beginning treat even the receptionist courteously. You may want to enquire about his or her name and conduct basis small talk. In the end it can be said that you never really know who can ultimately help or hinder your job employment prospects and success.

Lastly remember that an interview and the interview process is a two way street. You should project a genuine and sincere interest in determining whether you and the employer can mutually benefit from your gainful employment.