Top 3 Reasons For Fail Background Check

Finding a job in this economy can be a daunting and difficult task. In a competitive job market employers become more stringent and will disqualify applicants that provide incorrect or incomplete information about themselves over the past 10 years. When employers find discrepancies between the information you provided and what they find out in your background check report, they assume that you are either disorganized, less-than-truthful, or just plain dishonest. Whatever the case, the result is that you dont receive a job offer. Thats why you must secure your place among the top candidates by making sure you will pass your pre-employment background check.

As a private detective who specializes in background investigations, I want to share with you what I have learned over the past 15 years in conducting tens of thousands of background checks for small, medium, large and fortune 500 companies. Even though I charge $150 an hour for consulting services, I am providing my expert advice to you free of charge because I want you to succeed. If I can help even just a few people find a job and secure their familys future, I will feel like I am doing my part to help get our countrys economy back on track.

So lets jump right in to what you came here to for: the top 3 reasons why applicants fail their background check.


You know that little question on every job application with a checkbox next to it that says something like Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Well you need to know the correct answer to this question before you check the box. So let me clarify what this question means to employers: what they really want to know is if you are honest and trustworthy. They can and will find out if you have a criminal record when they conduct the background check, no matter how you answer. So if you say no, and you have a criminal conviction on your record, what you are really demonstrating is that you are not honest and cannot be trusted.

If you do have a criminal conviction and you answer yes to the question, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of getting a job offer by being honest and straightforward. Provide accurate details about the charge, the date, and the county of conviction. When the background check comes back, the employer will see that you have given all of the complete and accurate details up front. This shows you are being open and honest, and that you are taking responsibility for what you did and moving on with your life. You would be surprised to know how often employers are willing to overlook criminal records with applicants that have good solid experience or a winning personality. You can increase your chances of this happening by applying for positions where your conviction is unrelated to the duties of the job you are applying for. For instance, if you were convicted of a DUI, I wouldnt apply for a driving position, or if you were convicted of theft I wouldnt apply for a cash handling position.


Employers want to see accurate and complete information concerning your former employers. The reason for this is again a matter of principal. The employers perspective is that they want honest and organized employees, and if you dont remember the details of your job experience, then why are you listing it on your resume or application? And they do have a point. If you are a very organized person, you probably already have a document prepared with all of the details concerning all of the jobs you have held over the past 10 years. For the rest of us, gathering up all of this information is a near-impossible task, especially if you have job-hopped quite a bit. So whats the next best thing to having a master document with the details of all your previous work experience? Have a professional background screener compile one for you. That way when you fill out an application you can be confident that you will have the exact same information in front of you as the employer will receive after completing your background check.

The information that you need to compile before filling out a job application consists of the information that is asked on most application forms, such as the ex-employers name, address and telephone number, exact dates of employment, your job title per the employer, (not the one you were in theory or the one you thought you deserved) your beginning and ending pay rates, and your reason for leaving as recorded by the employer. Notice the common theme here is that your information should match exactly the information that your ex-employer is going to release when asked. This strategy pays dividends many times over, and will help you to avoid failing a background check for providing inaccurate or incomplete work history information.


Employers base pay scales, individual pay rates, job descriptions and job requirements in part on educational qualifications. Even though many job positions require a certain level of education only as a minimum requirement, employers take offense when an applicant misrepresents or overstates their education, because it violates their sense of fair play. If you dont meet the minimum requirements, then you shouldnt be applying for the position. Employers also see this as an economic issue; if they are going to be paying you a certain wage based in part on educational credentials you dont actually have, then they are paying for something that they never received. No company is this economy wants to feel like they are being defrauded.

That is why it is so important to be very specific in stating your education credentials. Dont say you graduated if you didnt, even if you were just one credit hour short. If you attended a trade school for 8 months, dont say you were there for a year. If you graduated with a 2.5 grade average, dont say you had a 3.0. If you have a GED, say so, but dont say that you graduated high school; its not the same. If you never attended college, dont say that you attended a university that burned down in 1980. Professional investigators like myself, who do background checks for a living will see right through it, and relay that to our client who requested the background check.

Luckily, you can easily obtain a copy of your background check online to uncover what a potential employer will find before they find it. Instead of filling out an application wondering if you remembered to write down everything correctly, you can just look at your own master document compiled by a professional background screening firm.

A word to the wise: there are thousands of websites that sell instant background checks online. These are not professional background screening firms that conduct investigations for large employers. Most of them are just information brokers that sell instant data that has been circulating around the web for years. Make sure that you select a professional background screening firm or private detective agency that does on-request delayed searches, which are researched once you place your order and not instant results.

The bottom line is that in order to be safe, you need to know exactly what a prospective employer is going to find on your background check report. A professional background screening firm that deals with the public can cut out all the work of obtaining the background information about you, and organize it into a report that you can receive in your email box. Instead of having to go to city hall, the courthouse, your high school and other places that hold this information, you can get it all online by ordering a pre-employment background check on yourself.

Good luck and success on your job hunt!

Singapore Employment Pass Explained In Detail

Acquiring Singapore Employment Pass is what non-Singaporean citizens, or even residents desired in an effort of seeking Singapore’s business capabilities. The Singapore Employment Pass is considered as the main working visa to any entrepreneurs, managers, skilled workers, professionals, and business owners may he/she be a director or shareholder of a registered company in Singapore. The said Employment Pass is issued by Minister of Manpower in Singapore.

Being the world’s favorite investment hub, the Minister of Manpower finds it necessary to grant eligibility among foreigners to live and work in Singapore, thereby, eradicating all legal hindrances commonly associated in doing business offshore.

Traveling in and out of Singapore has never been easy and minimal hassle with a Singapore Employment Pass. Being able to acquire a Permanent Residence in Singapore is one step closer to be able to actually acquire a Permanent Residence in Singapore.Of course, this is subject to a few requirements and considerations. At any rate, an EP in Singapore is issued to the following individuals:

– All foreign individuals whose desire is to relocate to Singapore for matters related to business.
– All entrepreneurs who have already established business in Singapore and who wish to employ foreign individuals.
– All foreign individuals who receive an employment offer in Singapore.To make this work, the individual needs the employing company to process the application for EP on his or her behalf.

For first-timers, the Singapore Employment Pass is considered valid for 2 years but for the next renewal the validity would be for 3 years. In applying for an EP, the Minister of Memorandum provides a 3-step procedure described as follow:

Step 1
Before the application is submitted online, a newly incorporated company must obtain an authorization code from Minister of Manpower. Usually, the authorization code is released within a span one week or 2.
Step 2
After obtaining the authorization code, the EP application will then be submitted online and which will take 2 weeks for its approval.
Step 3
Upon approval, a letter known as In-Principle Approval or IPA is sent via e-mail from the Minister of Manpower.In claiming the EP, IPA will then be given to the Work Pass Division of Ministry of Manpower.The validity of IPA will hold 6 months, from the date when it is notified as approved.

Other requirements that applicants should prepare besides the IPA are medical exam which can also be done from ones country, a copy of present passport size photo, original passport with the entry embarkation cards, and other requirements given by IPA.

It is the sole decision of the Ministry of Manpower to evaluate applications for EP. The ministry takes into consideration pertinent aspects in evaluation such as present status of citizenship, salary of the applicant, age, pertinent work and experience, the company’s paid-up capital and background, and expected roles and responsibility.

The following are qualifications that a foreigner or applicant must possess to be eligible:

– An educational Diploma and or degree from a reputable college or university:
– Expert’s skills
– Professional qualifications
– Nonetheless, though an education is among the primary factors, it may be compensated by other factors in its absence.The Ministry of Manpower does not immediately discard applications by foreign individuals who have not completed a college degree or earned a diploma Either way, the following documents must be presented:
– Related certificates and a printed copy of Original Transcript of Records
– Detailed Resume or Curriculum Vitae indicating the employment and education history
– Testimonials or Certificate of Employment from previous employers
– A copy of Passport details

Should the documents expressed in foreign languages, the same must be translated into English by an official translation service accredited by Singaporean authorities.

Relative to the purpose, the Employment of Pass are in 3 types namely P1 Pass, P2 Pass, and Q1 Pass.
In order to attain P1 EP, one must earn a fixed monthly income not below S$7,000. The position kept must either be an executive, specialist or managerial.

The P2 EP is issued among individuals having a fixed monthly salary of more than S$3,500 and who possess satisfactory qualifications.

For a Q1 EP to be obtained the applicants must have a fixed monthly earning of more than S$2,500 and who should also have impressive qualifications.

Family members may then have a chance to visit or even stay for a considerable period of time since upon issuance of EP, the applicant can apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass or Dependent Pass.

Singapore Employment Pass How To Get Approved

The Ministry of Manpower grants Singapore Employment Pass that is usually valid for one to two years to eligible applicants. Employment Pass provides comfort to foreigners in terms of travelling in and out of the country. The work visa is renewable as long as the pass holder remains employed in a Singapore company. It also provides chance to pass holder to apply for a permanent residence status.

Employment Pass is required for any entrepreneur who has just incorporated a Singapore company and desires to move to Singapore. Moreover, the work visa is also required for corporation looking to relocate their staff such as managing directors and management staff of the company.

We have provided basic considerations on how to be qualified, eligible and how to get approved for a Singapore Employment Pass. Please read on and take note of these details:

Eligibility Requirements:
Recognized educational diploma/degree
Professional qualifications
Specialist skills

Basic Considerations Assessed by The Ministry of Manpower:
Roles & responsibility
Related work experience
Companys background
Companys paid up capital
Current citizenship

Basic Documents to Furnish:

The above qualifications should be satisfied first before securing the following documents: resume or CV stating your educational and employment history, copies of educational certificates and past employment testimonials, and a copy of your passport details. However, any documents that are not in English must be translated into English by an official translation service. In addition, there are three Employment Pass groups, P! for applicants earning a salary of more than S$7,000, P2 for salary of more than S$3,500 up to S$7,000 and Q1 for salary of more than S$2,500.

Service of a Professional Firm:

For processing of your application, you need to hire the services of a professional firm who will apply in your account for your Employment Pass. They will be the one to apply online to The Ministry of Manpower, as the application method is shorter. It normally takes 1 to 15 days to issue an approval. Once approved, the Ministry of Manpower will issue an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter via email. The IPA letter must be produced upon collection of the EP at the Work Pass Division at Ministry of Manpower. An IPA letter is valid for Six months from the date of notification of approval.

Employment Statistics Prove Positive For Social Workers

The realm of human welfare or social work has some particular specialties that include primarily children, family, education, public health, physical and psychological well-being and drug addiction. It has been seen that the scale of job prospects related to social welfare has only increased over the past years, this has even been validated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that a social worker had around 642,000 jobs in hand back in 2008. The graph has certainly aggravated presently.

Since majority of individuals working in the circle of social betterment has some concerns regarding the industry they wish to be associated with, it has even been evaluated that around 54% of individuals were then working in the health and human welfare industries while the remaining 31% worked in government sponsored agencies at various levels. With this entire report of job opportunities available for people working in the social development continuum, it explicitly indicates that job prospects are at no dearth, when it comes to looking for a stable and financially secure professional career.

The nature of a profession such as social welfare services is such that employees are assigned to work in cities as well as suburbs. It is expected for a social welfare employee to find a job in rural vicinities, as the space to exhibit their professional concerns and skills is more extensive as compared to an urban area, which is already quite developed. This indicates that social welfare is a profession, which comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges.

Earlier, it was believed that not all specialist areas of social betterment thrived in terms of job opportunities, and not all offered the same amount of professional working security. However, today, all areas of social work are increasing job opportunities, particularly by the private social welfare organizations. In fact, the increase of employment in this industry has been around 22% which is promising. This is likely to increase with the time owing to the aging child boomer populace which will, over the span of time, demand better health and social services.

Apart from the physical stability, mental & psychological stability and drug addiction are areas which are rapidly augmenting with job prospects. An increase of 20% has also been predicted by specialists as there is going to be a strong demand of services to counter such deteriorating circumstances.

Last but not the least, children and family along with education are areas that are actually excelling areas in the field of human welfare and betterment. In order to bring about a change, an anchor lies in the hand of social services, augmenting the protection for children and their families while at the same time, emphasizing on the local prevalence of education is what is going to instigate a progressive developmental scale in the society. Some of the specialized areas elaborated on indicate the fields that can be explored by social welfare employees to bring a progressive change in the society.

Best Legal Advice Warranted For Employment Tribunals

Many states are coming up with their independent employment tribunals as part of rapid dealing with cases related to jobs and such circumstances. Tribunals have been resorted to by many governments, both at the local centres and also at the state levels. These are courts which deal with matters of governance and of civil nature, but mostly their functions are to hear out cases which can be dealt without having a jury or long trials. Tribunals are usually meant to expedite civil cases, which are concerned with administrative matters. Judges sitting in chair in employment tribunals are either specially deputed from the regular courts or have special expertise in administrative cases.

Whenever employment related issues are to be brought into the court of law, it is seen that tribunals are the best places to go because the final word can be received quickly. If an applicant is not satisfied with the results, then the case can be taken to the higher levels. But if things are alright for them, then it is very easy and even productive to start at the very beginning. Since special cases are only heard in these tribunals, not every lawyer or solicitor would be able to handle the cases.

Further, general public is totally unaware about the proceedings inside the court room. For this reason, legal advice is highly essential whenever matters of employment are brought before the employment tribunals. Lawyers can be contacted when these kinds of cases are forthcoming. People can approach solicitors of repute, who have been handling the cases and have the necessary expertise to give them legal advice. Many people are there, who are not in the knowledge of such specialised lawyers.

To get more information on them, people should ask about in the court or their lawyer friends to suggest the name of the right solicitors for them. With the right kind of advice on legal matters, clients can be sure of getting a reprieve in their cases, or at best they will have a proper representation in the court of law. During any problem that arises in case of employment or in offices or work related environment, aggrieved persons can go for the employment tribunals, through the employment lawyers or solicitors.

It has become customary nowadays, much because of the fact that people are becoming aware about their rights and also because there are plenty of experts who can provide legal advice on matters related exactly to employment. These are people who have had specialisation of employment and labour laws in their courses or have been practising the same in courts for many years now. Taking advice about matters pertaining to employment tribunals is therefore the usual method to start of a case these days, so much so that employment related lawyers are beginning to go for these features by getting the proper mileage and advertisement.